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Even more than their need for the drug itself, some addicts are afraid of the withdrawal symptoms of their chosen substance. Withdrawal is sometimes terrifying, painful, and even lethal for a select few people. Rehab Centers San Antonio’s main goal is to ensure their clients detoxify properly and quickly. Detoxification is NOT treatment, however, and can’t ‘cure’ an addict from their substance dependency. Detox is an efficient first step to recovery if it’s followed by an intensive treatment program, like Alcohol Rehab San Antonio or Drug Rehab San Antonio.


What’s Detox?


After continued drinking and substance abuse, there are lots of hazardous chemicals that can deposit within the human body. Part of detox is eliminating those chemicals from the body. However, detoxification is also about managing the withdrawal symptoms that addicts are scared of. Detoxification should be performed as quickly and effectively as possible, and may involve the slow reduction of the chemical, briefly substituting different substances, or going ‘cold turkey’ under supervision. Only if followed by a rehab program is it possible for detox to be an efficient process.


There are two models of detox available through Rehab Centers San Antonio: social detoxification and medically supervised withdrawal. Commonly, people that are not continuous substance abusers need social detoxification. Social detoxification uses behavioral modeling, support from friends and family, and a partially-supervised atmosphere to assist the addict manage their withdrawal. Medically supervised withdrawal is best used with addicts that were profound substance abusers, and involves round the clock clinical supervision in an inpatient environment. This style most often involves pharmaceutical medications that make withdrawal safer, and decrease the pain of withdrawal.


Detox for Different Substances


Classes of drugs share common characteristics, including common withdrawal symptoms. Different families of drugs often require different detox plans. Depressants, such as barbiturates, benzodiazepines, alcohol, and various others, cause a range of withdrawal symptoms, like anxiousness, sweating, tremors, hallucinations, and seizures. Stimulants (amphetamines, methamphetamine, cocaine, Ritalin, and many others) frequently require emotional and motivational reinforcement from friends, family, and psychologists. In some, rare eventualities, people can experience depression and a condition known as stimulant psychosis, so it’s not unusual for doctors to also prescribe medication to prevent the suicidal emotions, paranoia, and suicide associated with withdrawal from stimulants. Withdrawal symptoms of opioids, such as heroine, morphine, codeine, OxyContin, and others, vary from mild (runny nose, sweating, diarrhea) to critical (rapid pulse and breathing, depression, bone and muscle discomfort, and cravings). On occasion psychiatrists prescribe artificial opiates to help in detoxification, however those must be used on briefly because they can also become addictive.


How Rehab Centers San Antonio Helps


Detox can help by pacifying people’s worry of the discomfort and pain relating to withdrawal. Most symptoms can be lessened with accurate evaluation of the substance abused and degree of addiction. Detox in San Antonio can help addicts move towards a real recovery, without the fear of withdrawal. Treatment teaches people about substance addiction and can help them develop their coping methods to prevent relapse and temptation. Detox San Antonio, TX’s recovery specialists are available 24 hours a day to address any questions about substance dependency and rehab, or for detoxification and treatment centers. Begin the recovery process immediately!